DWARF: Reach For The Stars

Developer & Publisher:
Eve of Creativity LLC

Founding Date:

Offical Game Title:
Dwarf: Reach For The Stars


AppStore Shortlink:

February, 2016

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Mailing Address:
1000 Progress Drive #923
Liberty, MO, USA

Description: Dwarf takes the concept of stargazing and turns it into a kinetic, arcade-style mobile game. You can’t play this game sitting down. You are immersed in space and the stars are all around you. Your mission is to tilt, turn and twist your device, allowing the black hole to find and consume as many dwarf stars as you can before the clock runs out.


The original concept for this game came on a Saturday morning in August of 2015. Often on Saturdays, the boys and I would watch cartoons, but I woke up early and jumped on my laptop instead. I had this idea of a scavenger hunt game where invisible objects were hidden in open space. If they find their coordinates, it would show up! I spent 1-2 hours creating a Rube Goldberg-ish game around that concept, then I had my boys play it. They liked it… and wanted to keep playing! So we began to turn it into a real game.

My wife got involved soon after. Around that time, a Blood Moon event was approaching. The talk in the Robertson household had a space slant to it, so naturally we contemplated a space theme for the game. For a few weeks, we tossed around possible game titles like Star Hunt, Dot Matrix, and some silly titles with about 15 words in it, but none of them captured the concept just right. Then one day I said, “What if we called it… Dwarf!” My wife followed with, “That’s it! Go with it!” We immediately saw how strong it could stand as a game title and brand.

For the design, we wanted to keep the game simple and arcade-like. The first design of the game was okay, but it lacked some personality. Suddenly, I came across a high end AV receiver. I loved the clean black lines and bright, minimal display. It had a nostalgia to it that I wanted to carry into this game. So we kept tweeking the gameplay and the user interface until it because what it is today.

We have tons of ideas and add-ons for the game. But lets get it out there and see what the people think. We will continue to add to the game as it grows.


  • Use your device's built-in gyroscrope to consume and collect dwarf stars while immersed in a 360 degree starfield.
  • Pause the game anytime during play by tapping the score or countdown clock. While the game is 'frozen,' you can take a break, change sound/vibration settings, or quit the game.
  • Settings for sound and vibration effects add to the tactile feedback of the game.
  • Leaderboards for best score pits you with other players around the world.
  • Share new personal best scores on Twitter, Facebook or your social media outlet of choice.

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Eve of Creativity is a design company located in Kansas City. The company originated as a freelance branding and website development agency for small business. Founder, Calvin Robertson, has had the pleasure of helping great companies fulfill their design and web communication needs, including Hallmark Cards, The Boys & Girls Club, Joseph Business School, The USA Deaf Track and Field Team, and Harvest Church of Kansas City, just to name a few.

In 2013, Eve of Creativity began to pivot into a product design company, releasing its first consumer app, Acronymph, a friendly acronym finder app.

Dwarf is the second product release since the Eve of Creativity's refocus towards consumer apps and games.